In December 2011 our world was turned upside down when Eric was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. As a healthy 29 year old male, who was a loving husband and father to an amazing little boy - the news of the words "CANCER" seemed so far from the truth.  Since the day that Eric was diagnosed, we knew there had to be a greater plan as to why Eric was dealt this deck of cards and why he was chosen to battle such a monstrous disease. Then, one day we had an idea; an idea on how to pay it forward. With our life's lemons we have designed a jewelry line and written a lighthearted rhyming children's book for families affected by cancer.

ABOUT THE JEWELRY....Our Cancer CanknotTM Jewelry is custom designed to look like a cancer ribbon with a knot in the middle of the ribbon to symbolize strength and be a reminder of everything that Cancer CanknotTM do. We are very proud of our creation. Whether you are a survivor, a person battling cancer or a part of the support system for the person fighting the disease, you can wear this jewelry as an unspoken word to how you have been affected by cancer and what it canknot do.

OUR STORY BEHIND THE BOOK....It all goes back to the first thought that crosses your mind when you are given such devastating news; your child. At the time of Eric's diagnosis we were the parents to a 3 year old boy and much of our time was spent reading children’s books to him. When you hear news as devastating as cancer you think; “How are we going to explain it? Maybe we don’t say anything?” We have written a lighthearted rhyming children’s book, Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing, to help explain to a child what cancer means. Children’s books are amazing; they are often filled with life’s lessons – but told in a way that a child can understand.  Children have many questions when they learn of a parent’s diagnosis, and everyone needs to find strength through what can be a trying time. Our son gave us strength in the best way he knew how, his bear hugs, which inspired this book. We hope if your family has to fight the battle of cancer, you find that one thing that gives you strength; just like our little Bryce’s bear hugs did for us. With so many people affected by cancer and many of those being parents, we hope this book benefits countless families – as it has our own.