In Support of Finding a Cure, 100% of Profits are Donated to Cancer Research. xoxo

Cancer Canknot® Jewelry

The cancer ribbon on it's own can mean many things...

The knot in the the Cancer Canknot® ribbon is a symbol of strength & a reminder of what Cancer Canknot® do.


Paying It Forward So People Can Experience What Cancer Canknot® Do.

Cancer Canknot®Classic Golf Tournament

Annually, we host a Cancer Canknot® Classic Golf Tournament and 100% of the profits are donated to cancer research. The past five years we have partnered with Dana Farber Cancer Research Center and have donated nearly $70,000.

Our Products

More than a piece of jewelry or a book, Cancer Canknot® is a mindset. Because we want everyone to be able to experience the Cancer Canknot® way of life, we are donating 100% of profits to cancer research. Have a particular cancer research program you want us to donate to? Let us know at check-out. 

Handmade in Vermont

Custom designed to look like a cancer ribbon with a knot in the middle of the ribbon to symbolize strength and be a reminder of everything that Cancer Canknot® do.

A perfect reminder of everything that Cancer Canknot do. 

Pelletier Family, Vermont

A few years ago I lost my friend to brain cancer. I wear my Cancer Canknot bracelet to remind me that Cancer Canknot take away my amazing memories of her. 


I love how the slide knot bracelets come in multiple sizes to fit the entire family.

KP - Burlington, VT